What we do
M22 develop unique visual identities
with concept, meaning and purpose.

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M22 Creative Studio

M22 is a Brazilian creative studio, specialized in creating visual identities for people and companies that understand the value and power that design has to transform the world and give life to any business or company.

Founded in 2016, M22 has been consolidating itself as a creative studio recognized for its support, responsibility, consistency and quality of its brand design projects.

Founded and directed by Paulo Roberto Ducarmo (@pauloducarmo_) a professor at one of the largest professional education institutions in Brazil and head of the studio for 5 years, M22 is responsible for creating the visual identity of several companies and businesses in Brazil and abroad, helping them through design to communicate better with their market and especially with their audience.

Creativity is combination

M22 understands that creativity is not a factor where ideas magically appear in our minds but that it is the ability to combine or recombine skills and references to create something new, for this reason, the M22 Creative combine design graphic with illustration, motion graphic, photography and business strategy in a unified discipline, design with concept, meaning and – above all – purpose, powerful enough to bring life and propel businesses or companies forward.

Through simple and basic steps we develop unique visual identities, efficient in communicating, that connect with your clients, bringing the essence and personality of your brand so that it is striking and resistant to time.

How we do

M22 Development process


This is the first and the most important step in the process of creating a visual identity, a wrong here can cost all the work done, so a deep and immersive research is necessary to understand all the important points that will the base. With your help, we will gather all possible information about the universe of the brand (essence, concepts, personality, history, market where it is inserted and competition) in order, in fact, none of everything final, to bring something authentic and tailored for your business or company.


Colliding all the necessary information, we developed at this stage a business strategy focused on how your visual identity will behave and communicate with your market and especially with your target audience.


The most pleasant step for a designer in the development of a visual identity, creation.

This is where the magic happens.

We transform all the information collected so far into something visual, history, personality, concept and meaning, all represented by colors, shapes and types that give life to something that until then only hovered in the sphere of thoughts and imagination.


This is the phase of testing the visual identity, where we filter all ideas and see if everything we create really makes sense and is applicable to real objects and locations using virtual means.


With the project finalized, we only need one more thing, your approval!

It is in this stage that we will present you everything that was created and elaborated, the complete visual identity and the details of how we arrived at such a conclusion so that you can give us your feedback.


Project finalized and approved!

In this step, we prepare and leave your visual identity files in the correct sizes and formats, ready for the launch of your brand on the market.

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What our clients say

Why we do it

We want to bring value to companies and businesses through design.