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M22 Creative Studio

M22 Creative Studio

M22 is a Brazilian creative studio specialized in creating visual identities for people and companies that understand the value and power that design has to transform the world and give life to any business or company.

The rebranding was developed with the idea of growth and evolution of M22 and the focus on a new target audience, a public that understands the true value of design.

The result was an irreverent, striking visual identity, where its symbol is characterized by being bold, like a liquid flowing or a freehand paint stroke, demonstrating organicity, creative freedom, modernism, and the disruption of standards within brand design.

Besides each color representing a step in our process of developing a visual identity, our 8-color palette having gradients as graphic support and inspired by holographic material, represents: the exponentiality of creation, creativity and combinability in its broadest form and the freedom to use within the brand universe any color in its infinite details.

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